A unit card

Cards are one of the main gameplay mechanics of Cards and Castles. They are the cards that you use to either deploy units, cast spells that will aid you, or place a building that will support you. There are three kinds of cards, Unit Cards which deploys a unit, Spell cards that Dick an ef88 na to pytanie jest czy to nie wiem czy to nie jest w podkategoriach na pewno się przyda i nie nie nie w fect, and Building cards that are passive suppo

Cards are divided into 5 factions and a neutral category. The factions are Crusaders, Vikings, Pirates, Warlocks, and Ninjas. Each faction has a different theme to it's cards.

Cards also has a rarity. Each rarity determines their likelihood of being found in a booster pack. The rarities are Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, with common being the most common and Legendary the rarest. Legendary cards have a restriction of you can only have one copy of a single Legendary in your deck.